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About Save My Blushes

Don’t most couples want to spice things up...In 2011,the idea for our brand materialised when for our anniversary we decided to purchase something different, from the usual flowers, aftershave etc. for us as a couple from our local adult store. On finding the shop on a busy main road, we were shocked to see the dilapidation of the building as well as, the totally uninviting shop window – electric blue and blacked out windows and a steel door!!! This was not inviting whatsoever, not to mention the fact that being on a main road was not the most discreet of entrances to get into!

I returned to work and started searching on the internet, and noted that a lot of the sites were equally unappealing. However, after an extensive searching found a pleasant store to purchase from which I duly did. Paying for shipping as it was under £35 seemed a bit harsh, but I thought well at least I will get it tomorrow. Well how wrong I was, I did not receive the item the next day but ended up getting it 3 days later. The perils of internet shopping, I thought... but hang on a minute could I not do this better....

And this was the birth of Save My Blushes... we wanted to provide an online retail experience where customers could discreetly shop for products they wanted without the fear of embarrassment – we wanted them to be confident,

  • That items would be sent in plain packaging with no reference to the company or the contents.
  • That they’ll get what they ordered.
  • Get the item quickly and cheaply.
  • Buy items hassle-free.
  • Know it will be easy to return.
  • Get a positive overall customer experience.
  • Use clear descriptions on all items and high quality pictures.
  • Offer fast and free shipping within the United Kingdom.
  • Secure shopping with 3D Secure credit card processing – your personal information is paramount to us.
  • Excel in Customer Service by listening to customer feedback and act on areas where we can improve.

So we launched in August 2012 and since then we have supplied in excess of 10,000 products worldwide, take a look at our feedback on our ebay store, where 2,000 plus customers have given us positive reviews . But we are not sitting back we have joined the independent review company Trustpilot who have come on board to collate customer feedback thus giving you the customer to rate our service which will then in turn be available to view by both old and new customers on our website and Trustpilot’s. But we also listen and read them... and then ACT upon them to make your shopping experience better... because that is what customer service is about. For instance our free shipping came about because customer’s wanted to know the exact price something was going to cost them...not find out at the checkout. So we did that FREE SHIPPING IN THE UK on any item. But hang on a minute just say you wanted an express delivery as you need the item tomorrow – so we did that as well after receiving customer feedback.

Lastly you wanted to see the latest products, So be assured that we travel worldwide finding the latest innovations so that we can offer you all the newest products out there, from top designers LELO, JIMMY JANE, FETISH FANTASY, FLESHLIGHT, BATHMATE AND MANY, MANY MORE.

Take a look around our store, with over 2000 lines, we are sure you will something to enhance your love lives... go on you know you want to...

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